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The People's Poet!
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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Banned From Kiwiblog

UPDATE: I just recieved a message from David Farrar. I haven't been banned from Kiwiblog, one of my comments went straight into an automated spam filter and later attempts to comment followed the first comment into the spam bin. I am a little embarrassed, but I am also relieved I can return to commenting in the threads on Kiwiblog.

Ignore the following:

( I appear to have been blocked from commenting on Kiwiblog. It seems odd as my last comments were quite banal in a meandering thread about Australian supermarkets banning New Zealand goods - The flip side of protectionism. David Farrar, the National party apparatchik behind Kiwiblog, likes to describe himself as a classical liberal. In his own words, someone who likes to be seen as having:
"... a belief in individual rights, limited government, private property, free markets, tolerance, and reason."
 There is, however, no point in saying you believe in individual rights, tolerance and reason if you ban someone from commenting in a forum with a political bent. Silencing those who disagree with your personal political philosophy is an act of cowardice and a tactic more readily adopted by a petty tyrant incapable of tolerating vigorous dissent.

 I am still reading Kiwiblog to see who else has been recently gagged. I haven't seen anything of late from Tom Jackson or Ross69, but this could be just them not commenting over the last couple of days. My pet theory is David Farrar is slowly snuffing out dissenting elements on his blog as this is an election year, an election year where the result could go either way.)

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